Have Faith, Restart... Just Hold On : ')
Have Faith, Restart... Just Hold On : ')
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can we talk about how almost all of Zayn’s tattoo’s are visible in this video…that has never happened before!!

Yes TAttoo’s YES

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when someone hot reblogs your selfie


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louis, harry, and zayn (loosely inspired by the outsiders)


"that boy is really cute" "wait cara arent you a lesbian how can you tell" you know what. youre right. i forgot to put on my HomoSpecs™, which allow me to view all men as grayish blurry blobs. Is that jeremy?? i can’t even tell now that i’m wearing my HomoSpecs™. all men look like the same unattractive indistinguishable gray haze to me because i am homosexual 

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Aquí, la espero todos los día durante 10 años, espero que ella se baje del barco y me diga que por fin podemos estar juntos


Fue lo unico que recuerdo del sueño :c y amanecí llorando :c

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Lauren in Fifth Harmony’s Anything is Possible Barbie Commercial
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